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Requisition received by GHAA to call for Extraordinary General Body Meeting

Dear Vice President/ Secretary
Gujarat High Court Advocates Association.

Subject: Requisition for calling Extraordinary Genneral Body Meeting on the recent development of Punishment given to Shri Yatin Oza, President GHAA by Hon’ble Gujarat HC.

I had opposed Our presidents call for PC however after it was conducted, some damage was done to the reputation of our institution.

In my observation from Press Conference it appeared that President was relying on some data provided to him and it was not based on his own research. The statements made by him no doubt were harsh and intemperate, they were not for his personal gain and were only for his concern for the Professional colleagues who are suffering in the times of extraordinary crisis entire nation is facing.

However, Suo Motu Contempt proceeding continued on its merits and No stand was been taken by our Association in that matter.

The President has rightly tendered unconditional apology for his conduct and words. However the apologies are not accepted by Hon’ble court and hence we have today’s order of finding him guilty and Hon’ble court has punished him.

I request you to call Extraordinary General Body Meeting, for passing appropriate resolution or taking necessary decision for requesting for the review of order/ Appeal against conviction and punishment under Contempt of Courts Act and request for Pardon from the magnanimous institution we all love and care for.

In times of extraordinary crisis that we as nation faced, it may be expected from institution of the stature of our High Court to reconsider the decision of not accepting apology and review the decision of conviction and punishment.

After all to err is human, to forgive is divine.

In my view. This has now stretched too far. And we all are responsible somewhere for this. We all were frustrated by the way system was working. We all got impatient. The president reflected our combined frustration, though his statement.

I therefore request you to call an extraordinary general meeting to pass appropriate resolution and take immediate decision in view of the said matter. Matting may be called by Zoom.

Kindly waive requirement of signed requisition.

I request all advocates who agree with this to send it to Vice President and Secretary of Association on WhatsApp.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely
Punit Juneja