President’s Message

Mr Hardik Brahmbhatt

Dear Friends and Senior’s at the Bar, in today’s world the most important factor, whether it be professional or personal, is to stay connected. One needs to stay connected to his or her surroundings. One should always be connected with ones community, work place and house. I am sure that we as lawyers make the best use of technology to stay connected. Taking this concern of staying connected forward, and making best use of the technology advancement, we the newly elected Managing Committee (2020-22) of the Gujarat High Court Advocate’s Association, thought it fit and proper to begin our term with the setting up of a Web Site for our Association.

This Web Site will not only help us to stay connected with our professional field but also help us to communicate amongst our members with our concerns, suggestions and knowledge. This Web Site will not only increase connectivity amongst lawyers of the High Court, but will also give each one of us a common platform to share our experiences, grievances and information amongst our members.

Very soon our High Court premises would be Wi-Fi connected and with that I look forward to maximum utilization of this website by our Bar Members. In the coming year, the newly elected Managing Committee is planning many activities and events for the Members of our Association. I look forward to active participation from one and all to make each event a grand success. This coming year will be a landmark year in the history of our association and many radical changes will have to be made for which I am sure that the entire bar shall stand as one united family.

Mr Hardik Brahmbhatt

General Secretary