Request to Hon'ble Chief Justice regarding matters listed in Specially Assigned board

Notice Time : 07 Jun 2022 09:12 PM

Dear friends,

With regard to 300 matters listed today before Hon'ble Chief Justice, I would like to inform you that I made a representation to Hon'ble Chief Justice today after the court hours on behalf of the GHCAA to relook into the procedure for the disposal of the supposedly infructuous petitions or the cases. The Hon'ble Chief Justice has agreed to list 75 matters every day and to issue a revised procedure for the disposal of such supposedly infructuous cases. It is assured that the procedure would not cause any difficulty to the members of the Bar and at the same time help in disposing of the identified 4000 supposedly infructuous cases.

The revised procedure/circular/notification is expected to be issued by tomorrow.

This is for the information of all concerned.


Asim Pandya